Izu Green Tea Matcha 5g Sample


Matcha green tea has been ceremoniously used over the centuries to celebrate the belief held by the Japanese that tea is a gift from the heavens and has spiritual and restorative properties. Known as Chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony is still honoured today and modern analysis of Matcha confirms how special a green tea this is. For example, just two cups of brewed Matcha has nearly 20g of calcium, and 7 times more antioxidants of the same amount of orange juice. 

Product Information

  • ORIGIN: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan / Nandi Highlands, Kenya
  • CAFFEINE: Approx 68g per cup
  • LEAVES: Fine Matcha made from luxury grade green tea and Gyokuro leaves.
  • AROMA: Light and fresh
  • COLOUR: Bright green
  • TASTE:Thick with a ‘jammy -like’ smoothness and light astringent finish
  • WELL BEING: Cleansing

Ingredients: Green tea

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