Puly Caff Puly Grind Crystals 10 Sachets


Regenerates burrs without disassembling them, for Coffee grinders and Grinder dosers also suitable for Superautomatic machines. All natural ingredients specially designed for espresso coffee machines with built in grinder doser. Simple to use:-

1) Empty the bean hopper.
2) Pour in a sachet of Puly Grind Crystals.
3) Fill the Bean hopper with beans.
4) Turn on the grinder for two or three doses of ground coffee.
5) Discharge the first few shots of coffee.

Puly Grind is a powder made of small gluten free, food safe starch crystals with a high grease absorbing power. The crystals flow between the burrs and cleans them of coffee deposits ensuring that ground coffee doses are free of bad odours and residue to allow the best tasting espresso coffee. Traces of Pulygrind which remain, contain no harmful substances for consumers and will not affect the quality of the ground coffee.

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