LaCafetiere Gooseneck Pouring Kettle 1.3l


The Gooseneck Pouring Kettle from La Cafetière is perfect for sophisticated Pour Over coffee, putting coffee enthusiasts in greater control of the brewing process. Decanting boiling water into the kettle will manage the temperature to prevent scalding coffee grounds. The gooseneck spout means pouring speed and accuracy can be monitored, controlling water flow over the coffee grounds for even saturation, creating a balanced and flavourful coffee. This stainless steel model features an ergonomic, easy-grip handle for the most natural and comfortable pouring motion. Ideal for use with the La Cafetière drip filter set for a slow and enhanced infusion.

Product features

  • Brand: Lacafetiere
  • Range: Drip Kettle
  • Material: steel
  • Size: 1.3l

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