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Coffee Brewing equipment – Cortile Coffee

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Coffee can be brewed in many different ways with varying techniques to unlock the hundreds of diverse and distinct flavours, textures and aromas that are locked away inside the roasted coffee bean.

Stovetop / Moka pots – This method of brewing has many similarities to the espresso, due to the strong, heavy-bodied and rich cup of coffee it produces.

French Press is one of the most popular and accessible brewers, perfect for making multiple cups of heavy-bodied coffee either for yourself or a group of friends.

Pour over – This method can be seen to describe a number of different brewers, the most common being the simple but effective V60, an inverted cone shaped funnel that water slowly drains through over time, whilst others include the Kalhita and the Chemex.

AeroPress – The Aeropress is one of the most recent phenomenon in the world of coffee, its newfound popularity stems from it being both affordable, portable and versatile.

Coffee Brewing Equipment

Fracino Tranquilo Grinder


Coffee Brewing Equipment

Fracino Tranquilo Grinder


Coffee Brewing Equipment

SMEG Coffee Grinder – White