Chun Mee (Zhen Mei) Tea 125g


Loose Tea

Green Tea

Chun Mee (zhen mei) means “precious eyebrows” in Chinese and is called so due to the unique shape of each leaf. It is pan-fried and hand-rolled into leaves resembling eyebrows. Chun Mee originates from three regions in China – Jiangxi Province, Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province. It is farmed at high elevation – approx. 1000m (3,281ft) in mountainous terrain in a subtropical and humid climate.

Taste Profile: Brisk and often smoky, not sweet but smooth on the palate.

Drunk regularly Chun Mee may improve cardiovascular health, support cogitative function, boost metabolism, maintain healthy skin and dental health and reduce the risk of developing Type ll Diabetes.

How To Brew:
Brew with freshly drawn water boiled to approx. 80 deg or leave boiled water cool for a few minutes. Steep for 2-3 minutes

Ingredients: Chinese green tea
Allergens: dairy free, vegetarian and vegan friendly. May have been produced in a factory handling nuts.



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