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Dark Roasts


Dark roasted coffees are characterized by their dark brown, almost black colour, some are also glossed with oil that has been drawn out by the roast they have a robust, full body. Dark roast coffee typically has a bold, smoky taste since the coffee’s country of origin flavors are almost entirely roasted out.

Dark roasts tend to have deep but simple flavors due to some of the initial flavors of the beans being lost or changed during the roasting process.

Dark roast is sometimes described as tasting more bitter than light roast. However, the bitterness of coffee can be caused by factors other than the roasting method, such as the brewing time, the coffee-to-water ratio used, and the grind depending on the brewing system.

Our Dark roasted coffee beans have a low acidity, full body and rich flavour. With notes of chocolate, caramels and dark fruits, sourced from the finest growing regions. like the ever popular Brazil Fazenda Bom Jesus, or Cortile Intenso.

Specialty Blended Coffee

Splendida Coffee Blend Dark Roast 250g


Single Origin Coffee

Mexican Jaguar Coffee 250g


Specialty Blended Coffee

Smoky Joe Coffee 250g


Commercial Coffee

Yr Hen Bont Coffee 250g


Single Origin Coffee

Mexican Mad Mash Coffee 250g